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Sunday, December 3, 2023
18:30 - 19:30

Strengthening climate resilience, adaptation and mitigation through food loss and waste reduction

About the event

Food loss and waste (FLW) is responsible for 8 to 10 percent of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, while contributing to many factors that drive climate change, such as degradation of natural ecosystems, biodiversity loss and unsustainable use of natural resources. On the other hand, climate change can be a significant causative factor of FLW, for example by increasing the incidence of post-harvest pests, while FLW reduction and related value addition activities provide avenues for building resilience and adapting to climate change. The event will draw attention to the role FLW reduction can play in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and showcase successful approaches to leverage FLW reduction for climate action through agrifood systems transformation to achieve the SDGs.

Watch the event and browse the photos

Click below to watch the livestream or check back after the event to see the recording and photos.