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Daily Recap

Tuesday, December 12: Final Negotiations


The final day of COP28 saw events winding down, but strong interest and engaged conversation continued through the end of programming at the Pavilion. Exploration of topics including young family farmers, harnessing data-driven solutions to enhance climate resilience, and priorities for ensuring just transitions for all stakeholders rounded out the full two weeks of events hosted by the Pavilion co-hosts and their partners.

With content housed here on the Pavilion website, these conversations can continue, and lessons learned can be carried forward. We invite you to engage by watching the recordings and following the Pavilion co-hosts and partners on social media for future opportunities to connect.


Three robust events brought the Pavilion to a strong conclusion as co-hosts and partners gathered one final time in the space: 

  • FAO held an event that displayed participatory approaches such as farmer field schools, Digital Agriculture Innovation Hubs, and innovative, practical solutions brought forward via intergenerational collaboration by young family farmers in the context of the UN Decade of Family Farming (2019—2028) as successful pathways empowering farmers, in particular women and youth, and unleashing their innovation and creativity for climate and community action across many farming systems. Learn more
  • CGIAR held a collaborative event that brought together some key initiatives in the field, which share a common goal of enhancing climate resilience and leveraging data-driven solutions for agrifood systems. Central to the discussions was the importance of accessible climate and weather data systems, essential for informed decision-making and empowering agriculture, disaster risk reduction, and creating market systems that ensure a sustainable and resilient future. Learn more.  
  • The Rockefeller Foundation hosted an event that considered what can be said of the “state of science” for regenerative and agroecological production systems, looking across different knowledge types from diverse stakeholders – farmers, scientists, Indigenous land stewards, companies, and others – and the critical priorities to ensure that these transitions deliver benefits not just for climate and nature, but for producers, landscape stewards, and communities. Learn more.  

Videos and photos

Watch recordings and see photos from the Pavilion on December 12. You can also visit the COP28 Food and Agriculture Pavilion YouTube playlist to see all recordings from the Pavilion.

Beyond the Pavilion

COP28 news

  • Billions in new funds pledged at COP28, as foundations focus on health and agriculture (AP, Bloomberg). Read more here and here.
  • World Trade Organization (WTO) chief urges countries to prioritize subsidies that tackle climate crisis (The Guardian). Read more here.