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Daily Recap

Sunday, December 3: Health, Relief, Recovery, and Peace


Attention at the Pavilion and throughout COP28 turned today to the first thematic day, which put health, as well as relief, recovery, and peace in the spotlight. These issues are not always considered when thinking about the impacts of climate change, which makes them all the more important to examine and engage with. The Pavilion hosts and partners weighed in on these topics and more, with events looking at nutrition, climate security and peace, and farming innovations for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, among others. 


On the third day of event programming in the Pavilion: 

  • An event hosted by IFAD delved into the importance of multistakeholder processes that enable diverse community-led actions for a sustainable food future. Learn more.  
  • An event hosted by FAO presented the advances of the Initiative on Climate Action and Nutrition (I-CAN). Learn more.  
  • CGIAR hosted the launch event of its MENA Regional Climate Security Hub, and explored the interactions between climate change, peace, and mobility. Learn more.  
  • An event hosted by The Rockefeller Foundation shared observations on the low-carbon food market, based on three years of working with the agroecological food distribution network in Belém, the second largest Amazonian capital. Learn more.  
  • An event hosted by CGIAR showcased integrated farming innovations for the MENA region and the global drylands. Learn more.  
  • An event hosted by FAO drew attention to the role food loss and waste (FLW) reduction can play in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and showcased successful approaches to leveraging FLW reduction for climate action. Learn more. 

Videos and photos

Watch recordings and see photos from the Pavilion on December 3. You can also visit the COP28 Food and Agriculture Pavilion YouTube playlist to see all recordings from the Pavilion.

Beyond the Pavilion

Co-host news and resources

  • CGIAR and 20 partners have committed US$31 million over four years (2023–2027) to ensure climate innovations in agrifood systems are designed to work for women and rolled out in ways that address underlying gender inequalities, launching the AIM for Climate Innovation Sprint on Addressing Gender Inequality for Effective Climate Action in Agrifood Systems. Learn more.  

COP28 news

  • A new UN report released today finds that countries on the frontlines of climate change have expanded early warning protection, but progress is nowhere near enough. At the report’s launch, countries pledged extra funding to help expand early warning systems, including €8 million from France, €6 million from Denmark and €5 million from Sweden (UNDRR). Read more here. 
  • New negotiating texts on the rules for the Paris agreement’s carbon market consider proposals for how forest conservation should be included in the rules for the carbon market, or whether it should be excluded (The Guardian). Read more here 
  • Today, 124 countries committed to the UAE Declaration on Climate and Health, which stresses the importance of addressing the interactions between climate change and human health and wellbeing in the context of the Paris Agreement (UNFCCC, Health Policy Watch). Read more here and here. 
  • The Sharm El Sheikh Action Agenda’s (SAA) first implementation report was unveiled today, reflecting a deepening understanding of how climate impacts are reverberating through health systems worldwide (UNFCCC). Read more here and here. 
  • Hundreds of scientists have launched The Science Panel for the Congo Basin, a research coalition aimed at correcting a historic lack of information about the Congo River basin and its rainforest, the second largest in the world (Reuters). Read more here.