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11 Nov 2022

Climate security and agriculture: Strategies for inclusive adaptation

About the event

Smallholdings represent over 80% of the world’s farms and supply half of global food. However, communities around the world, and particularly smallholder farms, are facing devastating climate impacts in the agriculture sector. Climate change-related droughts, natural disasters, and crop failures are undermining livelihoods and food security, and leading to mass forced displacements. Join policymakers as they announce new commitments on locally-based agronomic solutions and hear from grassroots leaders as they share strategies for ensuring an inclusive and resilient global food system. Together, speakers identify entry points and promising practices for realizing equal access to decision-making, climate financing, land ownership, technology, and agronomy research.

Co-sponsors: The Government of Ireland, CGIAR, The Rockefeller Foundation, Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS)

Watch the recording and view photos from the event