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Friday, November 18
Closing Day

Summary Friday capped off two weeks of conversations, high-level meetings and more than 70 events at the first-ever official Food and Agriculture Pavilion at COP27. Throughout the COP, the Pavilion served as a busy hub for the agrifood systems community, working to raise awareness of how these systems are impacted by the climate crisis, and whyContinue reading “Friday, November 18
Closing Day”

Thursday, November 17
Solutions Day

Summary  Food and agriculture rely critically on water and wastewater systems, transportation systems, energy, and chemical sectors. This interconnected food system needs transformation to address climate change challenges. Engaging all industries implicated in food and agriculture — government representatives, farmers, researchers, employers, taxpayers, providers, and consumers — will bring creativity and innovation to the effort to dealContinue reading “Thursday, November 17
Solutions Day”

Tuesday, November 15
Energy Day | ACE & Civil Society Day

Summary People have a fundamental right to define their food and agricultural policies; however, existing decision-making processes do not provide the appropriate platform for citizens to exercise this right. As agriculture is the primary livelihood for billions around the world, climate change is a tremendous threat to food security and incomes. Fighting climate change andContinue reading “Tuesday, November 15
Energy Day | ACE & Civil Society Day”

Monday, November 14
Gender Day | Water Day

Summary Gender gaps persist in agriculture and food systems. Despite a significant percentage of the agricultural labor force consisting of women, women still suffer disproportionately from the adverse impacts of climate change. Interventions in the agricultural sector must therefore support climate resilience by accounting for gender dynamics and being gender-responsive. Gender Day invited discussions andContinue reading “Monday, November 14
Gender Day | Water Day”

Saturday, November 12
Agriculture and Adaptation Day

Summary The changing climate introduces challenges for agricultural producers, threatening to drastically reduce agricultural productivity, and presents severe socio-ecological consequences. Smallholder farmers are particularly vulnerable to climate change as they lack finances and resources to manage these agricultural risks. A coherent strategy for addressing agricultural adaptation is urgently needed. On Adaptation and Agriculture Day, discussionsContinue reading “Saturday, November 12
Agriculture and Adaptation Day”

Friday, November 11
Decarbonization Day

Summary One-third of the world’s greenhouse-gas emissions stem from food and agriculture. To achieve sustainability targets in food and agriculture, carbon dioxide and other emissions (e.g., methane and nitrogen) must be reduced; importantly, energy-intensive sectors and companies must continue to move towards decarbonization. Significant changes to production, processing, and consumption of food must therefore beContinue reading “Friday, November 11
Decarbonization Day”

Wednesday, November 9
Finance Day

Summary Over-reliance on fossil fuels and synthetic fertilizers has depleted soil and other natural resources, creating a dependency on imported goods while putting lives at risk. Climate vulnerable communities are disproportionately affected. With limited opportunities for agricultural finance, farmers are not able to adopt their technology to improve their efficiency, nor are they able toContinue reading “Wednesday, November 9
Finance Day”

Tuesday, November 8

Summary Welcome to the COP27 Food and Agriculture Pavilion Daily Recap, providing a snapshot of activities in and around the Pavilion. As delegates and observers to COP continued to arrive in Sharm El-Sheikh, on Monday, November 7, more than 100 world leaders gathered to officially open the UN-led international climate talks. On Tuesday, November 8,Continue reading “Tuesday, November 8”