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Sunday, December 10, 2023
16:15 - 17:15

Responsible consumption and sustainable production: Pathways for climate-friendly food systems 

About the event

While 783 million people still face hunger, a significant portion of the world’s population now grapples with overconsumption and unhealthy eating habits. At the same time, the expansion of agricultural frontiers is reaching its limit, leading to environmental degradation and biodiversity loss. Coupled with rampant climate change, this poses a significant threat to our capacity to produce food for a growing population. To address these challenges, a global shift towards sustainable diets and innovative food production methods is needed for both human health and environmental sustainability.  Responsible consumption and sustainable production are also two of the five pathways identified by the Agriculture Breakthrough Agenda, for achieving agricultural transformation. This session will discuss pathways towards climate-friendly food systems, focusing on the role that alternative proteins and food waste reduction can play in achieving responsible consumption, and on genetic innovation, agroecology and appropriate use of fertilisers for sustainable production. The session will also delve into the enabling environment needed to accelerate the uptake of these innovations, including existing barriers and the policy frameworks, incentives and investment needed to remove them.


Watch the event and browse the photos

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