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Addressing loss and damage and advancing climate action in agriculture and food security: A perspective on the upcoming negotiations

The event aims to provide a space to negotiators to share their views on critical issues of loss and damage associated with climate change impacts, with a specific focus on agriculture and food security. The session will also discuss what’s needed to advance climate action within the realms of agriculture and food security. The objective is to provide a platform for diverse stakeholders to engage in an insightful dialogue on challenges and expectations on these two negotiations tracks and inspire concrete actions toward addressing and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

The future of food: How to sustainably keep our plates full?

Ensuring sustainable food systems that can feed a growing population, while safeguarding the planet, is one of the biggest challenges in a generation. A big challenge needs a big response. Join us for an event looking at innovative approaches to financing and private sector involvement.

Appropriate governance of the implementation bodies of the Sustainable Oases Initiative

The objective of this side event is to gather insights from those interested in oasis ecosystems on the ‘appropriate governance of the implementing bodies of the Sustainable Oases Initiative. This aims to operationalize the Sustainable Oases Initiative, incorporating it into major international trends related to sustainable agroecosystem management and climate change adaptation.